Duck Hunting for Beginners

There are over 30 different kinds of ducks throughout the world. So, before you go hunting, you need to understand and identify the type of duck to hunt and after you have identified, know about the regulations that your city has put up in regard to duck hunting. It might take some time to get all the necessary equipment needed for hunting but if you are a beginner, you can first look for the essentials such as

1. Gun – the right gun for duck hunting is a 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun which has a 3 inch chamber and their prices range from $300 to $1500. Ducks can see color so for example if your shotgun has a silver barrel or has a wood stock, wrap it up with a real tree max 4 since this was developed purposely for duck hunting. Also remember the chokes. They will make the shot pattern to either be tighter or spread in a short distance but this will depend on where you plan to hunt. Match your choke with the area you want to hunt and also where the duck will finish.

2. Finding the right decoy – this is the most important part of duck hunting. The decoys make the ducks feel very safe and so easy for them to kill. Start by placing the decoys in a U shaped pattern but don’t put them all together; spread them a little bit so that the duck can be in between them. There are some companies that develop decoys that look like they are feeding but they are more expensive compared to others but unfortunately they aren’t legal in majority of the states. So, be sure to check your laws just as mentioned above. If you don’t have an idea of the types of decoys to buy, you can start with mallards, they are most common.

3. The call – There are a lot of calls that you need for hunting and if you use them correctly, you will have a good hunt. Different calls will work in different areas for example a long range call is for ducks that are a distance away and its done in a range of loud quacks then end with taperring off. If they are like 100 meters away, use the chatter call. Ducks usually listen to whistles of wing beats a few time and if they feel that all is well, they immediately cup the wings and come to you but if they feel uncomfortable like something is nearby, try doing the come back call which is a high slow blown quack. It is advisable to master all the calls over and over again so as to perfect your call.

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