Archery Basics

For you to start bow hunting, you have to master the basics of archery. The two overarching basics that you need have in mind are; the type of bow to use, and the type of archery you are interested in. It is also important to know where to find the best archery. Before going out there to the field to hunt have a trainer who will guide you on how to shoot.

There are various types of archery;

3D Archery; It involves 3-dimensional foam where one shoots the animal at different distances. As you progress in learning how to use it, the distance is adjusted to fit your skill level.

Target archery; This type of archery is known to be more modern. It takes place indoors and outdoors, over a distance of 90 metres. It is mostly used the Olympic Games. Beginners are advised to use this type since it is easy to learn.

Traditional archery; This is an old-school method where modern accessories are done away with. The archers connect with bow and arrows. Traditional archery involves shooting at stumps, targets and bow hunting.

Field archery; It involves shooting at different distances either uphill or downhill. It activities take place outdoors at stationary bulls eyes targets that are set in the woods.

Bow hunting; The experience of bow hunting is amazing since it involves getting out there in the woods and harvesting you meat locally and safely.

The types of bows available for archery include;

Recurve bows; These are the only bows allowed by the Olympics. Some archers also use them in 3D archery and field archery. One can also use them in bow hunting with higher poundage bows.

Crossbows; this is a modified bow and arrow mostly use in 3D archery, target field and sometime in the bow hunting. Crossbows are very active and it shooting range is longer than all the other types of bows.

Traditional bows; all types of archery are used in traditional bows. When used in bow hunting, it is usually at higher draw weights.

Compound bows; these bows are mostly used in 3D archery, bow hunting and some in target archery.

For beginners, it is important to have a trainer who will instruct you on the procedure to follow on the archery. To start with you need to stand with your shoulder away from the target with your toes at an angle of 90 to the target. Your back should be straight, your head turns toward your target and the arm is allowed to move. When loading the arrow, the odd colored fletching faces toward you and away from the bow. Hold the correct stance to shoot. Relax your hand, maintain your position then follow through to your target. To avoid being injured, ensure that your stance is okay or use arm guards.

After mastering the basics of archery such as the type of the bow to use such as compound bows, crossbows, traditional bows and recurve bows, the type of the archery such as bow hunting, field archery, traditional archery and target archery and the procedure to follow to shoot, you are now equipped.

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