5 Common Archery Mistakes And How To Correct Them

Becoming an experienced archer requires you to have skills sets that set you apart from the rest. When you hit your arrow and it doesn’t land in the middle there are many reasons why it happens. In this article you will get to learn common archery mistakes you are making and how to correct them.
It’s time to get that arrow straight into the middle, here are common mistakes you can avoid and correct.

Inconsistent Stance
It’s not easy to notice but with every shot you might see your feet shifting. Having an inconsistence stance can easily change the direction of your shoot, not directing it to the middle. Your stance must be solid and consistent from arrow to arrow.
A consistence stance needs practice, for this you will need a painters tape. Using the open stance place the tape so your feet alignment and toe position are identical with each shot.
Having a consistent stance not only affects your foot positioning but your balance and center of gravity. Keep the foundation solid and you will be experiencing stable and strong shots to the middle.

Elbow Rotation
When you are handling the arrow having the correct elbow rotation is important. Correct elbow rotation means you need to keep your bow arms elbow rotated straight up and down while drawing the bow and releasing the arrow.
It’s a simple skill but important to every archer, it can cause many problems if you do not rotate straight. Archers with no elbow rotation can result in bruised inner elbows and arrows veering in different directions. To avoid this rotate your elbow straight before raising or drawing your bow.
When you set your arm elbow correctly from the start and maintain its position then your upper body will be properly aligned, resulting in a stronger shot and better arrow target.

Hook (Finger Position On The Bowstring)
How you place your fingers on the bow string determines your target shot. When you rush into placing your fingers in the string without looking at the placement can greatly affect your target shot.
Finger tension on the bow string or placing it in the wrong place can cause many issues to even missing your target. In turn to such a common mistake you can develop painful finger blisters.
To overcome such a common mistake make sure you place your fingers on the string for each shot. Position your hand position to the bowstring is consistent.
Proper hooking and consistently creates tighter groups giving you that middle shot.

Anchor Point
As a beginner archer, your anchor point is a spot on your face, usually the corner of your mouth or just below your chin where you pull the bow string. It can be a challenge anchoring consistently which is a skill set you need to learn.
The anchor point is important because it prevents you from placing your draw hand in different spots when you shoot. You can determine your anchor point with the help of your instructor. Important thing to note with your anchor point is drawing the bowstring to the same anchor point with every single arrow. Consult your coach on techniques to become more consistent if you feel your position changing.

Strong Shots
Truth is every archer wants to finish strong, but a common mistake faced by most archers is failing to finish the shot with strength. You are either aiming too soon or focusing on aiming and forgetting proper muscle movements.
If your shot is weak, change your focus by drawing your attention to your muscle movement.
When drawing your bow stay focused on the muscle movements, while aiming is the core of archery, proper muscle movements will give you that strong shot. Use the right techniques to get better in your shots and your groups tighter and more consistent.

Simple solutions to common mistakes can get you from an amateur to a professional archer in no time. Keep practicing.

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